Lesson 6. October 8 - 14. Char arrays


Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB

The student Vasya has a younger brother Peter, who went to the first class and started to learn arithmetic. At home in the first class he was asked to solve many problems using addition and subtraction. Peter asked Vasya to check the homework. Seeing the two-page written scrawl tests, Vasya was horrified by the amount of work and decided to teach Peter to use a computer for self checking. To do this, Vasya needs to write a program that computes the answers for the required arithmetic problems.

Input data

One line that contains numbers and symbols «+» and «-». The length of the line does not exceed 10000 symbols, the values of all numbers are not greater than 10000.

Output data

Print one integer - the result of calculation.


Input example #1
Output example #1