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Theodore Roosevelt

"Theodore Roosevelt" - the flagship of the Navy Kukulyandii. Sworn enemies of the people Kukulyandii - the inhabitants of Flatland, they decided to destroy it. They learned that "Theodore Roosevelt" is a convex polygon of n vertices, and know its coordinates. Then they fired missiles and m determined the coordinates of the points where the missiles exploded. According to estimates of Staff of the inhabitants of Flatland, "Theodore Roosevelt" will be destroyed if it gets at least k missiles. Calculate to determine whether residents of Flatland to destroy the ship.


In the first line integers n, m, k (3n105, 0km105) are given. The following n lines contain the coordinates of the vertices in order to counterclockwise. The following m lines contain the coordinates of points. It is guaranteed that all the coordinates - the integers less than or equal modulo 109.


Output YES, if the polygon is at least k points, and NO otherwise.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB
Input example #1
5 4 2
1 -1
1 2
0 4
-1 2
-1 -1
-2 -1
1 -1
0 1
2 3
Output example #1