БГУ Личное Первенство

Uncle Styopa policeman

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB

Uncle Styopa, the policeman, has received a letter but does not know what to do with it. Since his department is considered the best in riddles, Uncle Styopa thought about it and realized that the text was poorly done and did not make sense. He thought, why? And then he understood: it turns out that there was a cipher that somehow had to do with capital letters. But without you, he cannot solve the cipher since it is difficult (the crossword puzzles are easy to solve). Help Uncle Styopa find the cipher and print what they want from him. Or maybe the department just decided to play a prank on him?

Input data

The text, a sequence of words, is arranged in several lines. The text contains only letters of the English alphabet (uppercase or lowercase) and spaces.

Output data

Solve the cipher and print the deciphered text.


Input example #1
this HousE is very beautifuL.
i like it very    much. there is a nice
    gePard    there
Output example #1
Author Yaroslav Medvedev