Bridge Crimea-UFML 2011

"Sort" station

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB

At the "Sorting" railway station on the way there are n railroad cars, out of which it is necessary to form the railway train. All cars have the same length, but different cargoes are arranged at them, so the cars may have different weights. The workers of the "Sort" train station should order the cars in ascending weight, then the train is allowed to go.

Usually for such purposes the so-called shunting locomotives and electric locomotives are used, but at this station the experimental device for sorting cars is used. It is assumed that it will significantly reduce the time required for forming trains.

This device is moved on an air cushion above the cars, its length is slightly greater than the length of the two cars. It can hang on two adjacent cars, pick them both in the air and interchange. However, the device lifting capacity is limited: the operation can be carried out if the total mass of the two cars does not exceed M.

Your task is to write a program that determines whether it is possible to sort the cars on the rails with the help of experimental device in the demanding order.

Input data

The first line contains the number of cars n (2n10^5) and the lift capacity of experimental device M (2M10^9). The second line contains the weights of the cars m[1], m[2], ..., m[n] (for these weights the equalities 1m[i]10^9 hold, the car weights are pairwise distinct). The weights of the cars are listed in the order in which they are located initially on the railway.

Output data

Print "Yes", if its possible to sort the cars with the help of experimental device, and "No" otherwise.


Input example #1
4 10
5 6 3 4
Output example #1
Input example #2
4 9
5 6 3 4
Output example #2