Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 64 MiB

   Two plays in a game: in front of them is the size of a chocolate bar N×M. Players take turns. In one move is allowed break any existing piece of chocolate on a 2 "nonempty" piece, with forbidden to break pieces of not more than 1×S (ie it is impossible to break the pieces that have a size equal to 1 and the other does not exceed S ), the pieces can be rotated. Break, of course, can only be along the lines printed on a chocolate bar, ie after the fault should be obtained two rectangles with integer sides nonzero.

   Plays one who can not make a move.

Input data

   The input file contains three integers N, M and S (0 < N, M, S100).

Output data

   Derive the output file a single number 1 or 2 - number of the player who wins at the right game.


Input example #1
2 2 1
Output example #1