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The offer the champion

The offer the champion

Some paragraph of text is specified in an unknown language. Let's call a sentence a champion if the number of palindrome words in it is maximum. If there are several such sentences, then the champion is the sentence that met first. The letters of the alphabet in an unknown language are the letters of the Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals. It is guaranteed that characters other than letters, spaces, and punctuation are missing in the text.


The paragraph of the text in unknown language.


Number of the offer of the champion.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 64 MiB
Input example #1
Oo, it aaa is not bb. More ana more non abc.
Output example #1
Input example #10
  Flud!  Oow, it aaaw is not bbw... Aw bw cw dw ew!!!  A-aw,  b-bw,  cc-ccw  de-edw  Dedw  IOIw. Abaw bababw madamw madamw - MIMw Mimw mIMw!!! Eeeew uuuw aaw bbbw cw cccw dddw swsw. More anaw more nonw abc.  Aaw bbw ccw ddw eew?!   
Output example #10