2019 Fall KBTU OPEN

Students love

Nurdaulet and Zharaskhan are coaching students. To each student they have their own attitudes, it can be expressed as number ai (for Nurdaulet) and bi (for Zharaskan) that are called love index of students. Askar asked them to calculate the unfair attitude rate. Unfair attitude rate is the difference between the largest and the smallest love index. In order to not show their possibly large unfair attitude rates, they decided to cheat: each shuffle his array, then form new array ci = ai + bi and show the rate of new formed array to Askar. What is the minimal possible rate they can achieve?


On the first line you are given single integer n (1n200000). On the second line you are given n integers ai (-106ai106). On the third line you are given n integers bi (-106bi106).


Output single integer, the answer to the problem.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB
Input example #1
-3 -5
3 5
Output example #1
Source 2019 Fall KBTU OPEN, Problem D