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The results of the Olympiad

n Olympiad participants have unique numbers from 1 to n. As a result of solving problems at the Olympiad, each participant received a score (an integer from 0 to 600). It is known how many points everybody scored.

Print the list of participants in Olympiad in decreasing order of their accumulated points.


The first line contains the number n (0n101). Then n numbers are given - the number of points for each participant (first number is the points accumulated by participant number 1, second - the points for participant number 2, etc.).


Print n numbers - the numbers of participants in decreasing order of their scores (participants who scored the same number of points should be displayed in decreasing order of their numbers).

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB
Input example #1
100 312 0 312 500
Output example #1
5 2 4 1 3
Source Stage II Ukrainian School Olympiad 2011-2012, Berdichev