PP1 and a bit more


Vasily Pupkin decided to stick the wallpaper on the wall of size n meters in height and m meters in width. As you know, the sold wallpaper rolls have 1 meter in width and k meters in length. They are glued on the wall vertically - from floor to ceiling. Vasily wants to glue the wallpaper without horizontal joints, with solid strips only (one solid piece is glued from the ceiling to the floor). From a roll you can cut a piece the size you want. Of course, if you leave a piece of a smaller size, it will go to waste. What is the smallest number of rolls you should buy and how many meters of Vasyl's wallpaper will go to waste?


Three integers n, m and k (1n100, 1m100, nk100).


Print two numbers - the minimum number of rolls to buy and the total length of loose wallpaper.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 122.17 MiB
Input example #1
6 7 20
Output example #1
3 18
Input example #9
2 5 5
Output example #9
3 5