PP1 Week 2 Contest 1

Lazy Misha

prb3867 Misha wants to play football with guys and was about to leave the house, but suddenly he was caught by mum who told that as long as Misha will not help her in the house, he will not go to the football. Mum suggested Misha to do one of three things: either to wash the dishes, or to vacuum the apartment, or to play with his younger sister Marina, while the mother goes to the store. Misha wondered how long it takes each case:

  • Washing the dished takes t1 seconds
  • Vacuuming the apartment takes t2 seconds
  • Playing with Marinka takes t3 seconds

It is obvious that Misha will choose the work that takes the least time. Your program must write the time during which Misha will perform the mother's job.


Three integers t1, t2, t3 (1t1, t2, t31000).


Print the minimum time to do the mum's job for Misha.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB
Input example #1
31 15 40
Output example #1