Ternary search

Dense forest

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB

To prevent the appearance of sanitary inspection in the camp, the LKSH administration dug the only road connecting the "Berendevy polyany" with Sudislavl, so now it is impossible to travel along it. However, the difficulties did not stop the inspection, for it remains only one possibility - to reach the camp on foot. As you know, Sudislavl is in the field, and "Berendevy polyany" are in the forest.

  • Sudislavl is located at the point with coordinates (0, 1).

  • "Berendevy polyany" are located at the point with coordinates (1, 0).

  • The border between the field and forest is a horizontal line y = a, where a is some number (0a1).

  • The speed of sanitary inspection through the field is V[p], the speed through the forest is V[f]. Along the border it is allowed to move either by forest or by field.

The LKSH administration want to know how much time left to prepare for sanitary inspection visit. It asked you to find out at what point the sanitary inspection should enter into the forest to reach "Berendevy polyany" as fast as possible.

Input data

First line contains two positive integers V[p] and V[f] (1V[p], V[f]10^5). Second line contains one real number - the Oy coordinate of the border between the forest and field a (0a1).

Output data

Print one real number with accuracy of no less than 8 digits after the decimal point - the Ox coordinate of the point at which the sanitary inspection will enter the forest.


Input example #1
5 3
Output example #1
Input example #2
5 5
Output example #2