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String concatenation

In many applications it is necessary to perform various operations with strings. Two common operations are the reverse of a string and concatenation of two or more strings.

The reverse of string s gives a string sR, that consists of the same symbols like s, but going in reverse order. For example the reverse of a string "abcde" is "edcba". Further in this problem, instead of the notation sR, the notation (s) will be used.

As a result of concatenating two strings s and t we get the string st, where first written the characters of the string s and then the characters of the string t. Similarly, the concatenation of three, four, and more strings is defined. For example, the result of concatenation of "abc" and "cda" is "abccda".

Your task is to determine the result of concatenating of several strings, some of which need to be reversed.


Consists of a single line that contains only lowercase letters of the Latin alphabet and parentheses. Its length does not exceed 200 characters. This line describes the concatenation of several strings, some of which need to be reversed.

In the given line to the right of each opening bracket there is a closing, to the left of each closing bracket there is an opening, and there are no other brackets between the opening and closing brackets corresponding to each other and there must be at least one letter.


Print the result of concatenation.

Time limit 1 second
Memory limit 128 MiB
Input example #1
Output example #1
Source Russian-Code-Cup-2011 1-st Qual Round